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Vol 6 No 6 (2016)

In most countries, humanitarian studies constitute an important area for cultural, intellectual and human criticism. These studies are concerned with the human being and his speech, whether outside his tongue or the discourse that surrounds him. The research institutions are very interested in this type of study which breaks down the discourse or works on the human soul Society, vision and problems. Most civilized and stable countries are concerned with these human sciences. How can societies that are disintegrated or undergo such great and serious crises as our society need more effort to pay attention to these studies? Which we find when the political leader or the cleric or writer or any other person influential in building society, as these are important samples for analysis and research and conclusion, this issue rests with the two parties the first is the state represented by the government and the Ministry of Higher Education, which must redouble its efforts The second is the responsibility of researchers and academics to be more effective in the follow-up of their communities and diving within the research and analysis and the dismantling of this society study of the actual completion.

Published: 2018-07-13


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