Al-Aliya Tribes Historical Study




Tribes of Ahlu –Aaliya forms one of the tribal collections which emerged
in the Arabian island area . They played a basic role in the history at the early
era of Islam . they were cohesive tribal union resulted by the severe living
conditions . they settled in Quraish and its alliances . the alliances were
famous in the early era of Islam thus these tribes formed an alliance as a result
of the living ways . these tribes continued to play a basic role and the men of these tribes contributed clearly in the Islamic conquers . Tribes of Al-Aliya
formed fifths parts in Al-Basra / Khurasan and Al-Kufa and they effected
directly in the political history in the Islamic Arabian states and they played a
basic role in the Islamic history . this research is an attempt to shed the light
on the history of these tribes and it aims at the emerging of these tribes start as
well as to mention their history .



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