The problems that faced by Piscicultureand its Production in the Baghdad Government and the possibilityof its develobment in future


  • رباب جبار صبر


This research aims reveal the problems that faced by Pisciculture and its
Production in the Baghdad Government and the possibility of its develobment,
through diagnosis the problems that hinder the ways of this develobment of
these ways. This research deals with the study of reality of fish production in
Baghdad brovince in 2015, the problems that face this activity, in terms of
natural, human , Biological and environmental problems and its effect on its
develobment and ways to slove . Results showed of this study which were varied
according to administrative unintes in baghdad of the numbers of fish
Cultivations. The namber of fish Cultivations production in the province wich
were( 1258) Cultivate that include(480) licensed Cultivate and (778) non
licensed. while included licensed Cultivations(202)farm worker and (278) farm
parked of work. The center of Madain district occupied the first position
reaching(169) licensed fish cultivate ,followed by Yusufiya hand and Tarmiya
district reaching (68,67) licensed fish cultivate. The results showed the problems
that faced by pisciculture that: problems of fluctuation in temperatures and water
scarcity because drop of surface water for Tigris and Euphrates and rising prices
material feed and the weakness of administrative procedures followed by farm
owners with lack of control of environmental factors at the docks. There are
some diseases that infect the eggs and larvae of fish , rising prices for feed
constituents and hormones used in reproduction, lack of supplied fuel, with the
fluctuation of the national electric power supply and, as well as the lack of
government support (technical or financially) to fish hatcheries especially the
privates, Non- participation of owners hatcheries extension activities carried out
by the Ministry of Agriculture. The researcher recommends the adoption of the results of this research by the ministry of Agriculture and there is need to follow
the work of fish hatcheries and the importance of support them technically or
financially especially to provide services ,quidance and research, veterinary and
development from Directorate of agriculture in Baghdad for the advancement of
this field vital and important part the livestock, and support educators through
lending and equip pre- requisites of modern education with a view to the
advancement of the fish farming in the provinces of Baghdad.



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