Economic parameters for the city of Tanis historical study of Growing Up until the year 624 AH


  • Khalid Turkey Elewey


Tennis town in tennis island in the middle of the Egyptian sea in the region
IV, close to the mainland between Farma and Damietta, and football is one of
the Gulf, which includes several towns and villages, and tennis name of the
city and an island in the Sea of Egypt. Named after tennis Bin Ham the son of
Noah and said, named after tennis Ben said Dlokh Queen, Her wall Egypt, an
ancient city that existed before Islam, built by King Kulaimon Coptic, ethics
of its people easy and amenable, and natures slanted to moisture and
femininity, the atmosphere in which hot abound where diseases , and was hit
by an epidemic scooped her family, was named in Ekhsas after the drowning,
which hit before Islamic Liberation hundred years, opened the city by force
during the reign of Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with
him), twenty years of migration, population before Islam of Christians, and
later became Islam includes a mixture of Christians who are under the
disclosure, and Arab Muslims, it was throughout the period of the Islamic era
take Kaaba them, and her family Miyasir owners richer, with the most need,
gave birth to a large number of scientists in all fields of science, called the
affiliation Baltnesa, ruined and destroyed the city and wiped out at the hands
of King full Ayoubi years four and twenty six hundred of migration, famous
city initially ordered to agriculture, to the sweetness of waters coming from
the Nile throughout the year, and agriculture over the after drowning that hit,
also famous industry sorts of beautiful clothes and colorful embroidered with
gold, and industry numerator beautiful and precious, mats, engraved types of
images, and industry best wines at the time, where he created a contemporary,
it also is well known industry best kinds of minerals, of knives and Almqas
and others, also famous tennis frequently trade with the outside world in the
East and the West, which increased the wealth of its people, and famous for a
lot of fish out of bird species and fish, and the multiplicity of ways in which
trade became a global commercial station between East and West.



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