Jewish relationship with King Farouk (1937 - 1952) Historical Study


  • wafaa khalid khalf


The King Farouk (1937-1952) of the task and the core figures in history
that have had a significant and influential role in the events of Egypt,
particularly its relations both on the external or internal level, particularly its
relationship with Jews.
This relationship has been characterized by the nature of calm, stability and
cooperation in the majority of occasions, particularly with regales the Jews of
the broad economic reputation was her weight in Egypt's economy. But this
relationship is conflicted with some parties and groups that were present in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which was stepped religious trend
which was inconsistent during that period and the emergence of Zionism
rhythm and affiliation of most of the Jews of this movement.
King Farouk and did not interfere with the details of their lives, but their
connection is based on friendliness and courtesy, respect, and remained King
Farouk So was the end of the fall of his reign at the hands of the Free Officers
revolution July 23, 1952 as the elimination of the dreams of the Jews and their
attitudes and economic aspirations, and they are in a position not Ihsdoa him
by the treatment they were treated Then



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