Effect of maximum air temperature on the monthly average temperature and the comfortable of human in Baghdad station


  • Khawla Nihad Zeki Hussain


Depending on metrological information measured for Baghdad station,
which represented the arithmetic average( monthly) of the temperatures and
the maximum temperatures for the period 2000-2010, And we have obtained
from the Iraqi Meteorological Organization and Seismology(IMOS) , The
anomalies monthly values of these two variables account in an attempt to
understand the relationship between them and the effect of one over the other
and using Sigma plot program shows that: the months that represents the
beginning of seasons separated for Baghdad station (December-June-
September-March) Variation between Tmean and Tmax in the first five
years is happening 2000-2004)) in other words, the effect of the Tmax be
More on the Tmean and thus have a positive variance and again Tmean be the
biggest impact on the Tmax and then followed by a period similar to or match
the behavior of (2005-2009), in 2010 starts another variance , while the half
season (January -April-October to July) which occure to match similar in
behavior and convergence of values where this period represents the stability
of the temperature for each season and that the highest fluctuation of
maximum temperatures was 2.9 in 2008 and the highest anomaly monthly
average was in 2006 and amounted to 2.9 also, This was the first part of the
search, while the second part is calculating Temperature-Humidity Index(
THI)or discomfort index
using the monthly average temperatures and again using the maximum
temperature show that in Winter difference between the THI values when
using Temp Average (8-14) either using Temp max be (13-19) Thus, the THI
average be within the extremely cold climates and uncomfortable, but they
are perfect in maximum temperature , while the summer is THI values when
use Temp Average (24.9-27.7) and when using Temp max be (29.9-34) and
thus, there is a difference of 5-7 degrees between the two cases, and both cases are under extreme heat and thus they are not suitable for the
comfortable o f human Thus, the monthly average temperature does not give a
clear picture of the actual behavior of the temperature without taking into
consideration the impact of the maximum and minimum as influential real
temperature Weather



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