(كيفية تربية النفس وحفظها من آفة الانتحار في ضوء روايات أهل البيت(عليهم السلام


  • ندى ساجد حميد



This research deals with a real problem, which has recently expanded to include a category that should have been the educated class in the society (the young group). Our problem today is self-sufficiency by suicide in a variety of ways. As resorted to by those who had a weak will to salvation from the impact of the position of what he passed so that he can not afford, and in his eyes that there is no solution to him (suicide), which God Almighty, as he said in his book (And do not kill the soul that God forbidden only to claim right that what we told you and you may be wise) (Al-Anaam: 151). On the scale of our country Iraq For example, this phenomenon has spread significantly, that we should give it our concern, and start thinking , what has changed? Are the conditions of Iraq is the reason or what? We know this country has been dragged by wars for many years as well as the siege that cause a lot of problems, and with all this we find out that people are standing each time again to live their normal life. Is it the far distance from religion, and the bad use of the social media? And  I found out a lot of reasons the most important was their dependence on materialistic factors, forgetting the divine powers, and such imagination lead to loss ethics, and obey the pleasures of this life, satisfaction of desires, and taking drugs and alcohol and others.

The other reason may be political which was created by the colonial countries that cause destruction and impact on the human and created mental and neurological diseases, or social like domestic violence and poverty and deprivation and many others. The importance of this topic lies in keeping the human from the deviation that leads to the abyss,

 so the research plan include: Introduction, And the list of margins, and the list of source, and the demands are as follows: The first requirement: the definition of terminology. The second requirement: the most important reasons that lead to the resort of some people to commit suicide. The third requirement: How to raise and protect ourselves from falling into ruin.

 Our last prayer that praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad



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