Philosophy of Silence in IsIamic law


  • م.م الاء سالم حاتم


The goal of the current research is to study the subject of the ethical issues that society needs in generai and the individual in particular , especially in our time , namely silence ,and because off the importance of the subject and the misunderstanding that I have written in it came my research topic:(philosophy of silence in IsIamic  law , TO the introduction and three demands and conclusion of the resuIts of the search:

AS for the introduction :I have dealt with the importance of the subject and an optional reason for it.

 AS for the first  requirement: it included the definition of the  silence language and terminology and differentiate between him and silence .

 The second requirement was to demonstrate the silence in IsIamic law.

AS for the third requirement : I have dealt with the constipation of the tongue about the curiosity of speech and reduce it.

The conclusion was to show the most important: that silence is a spiritual sport  for the human being and the correct way to improve the soul and elevate it to God, but this does not mean that leaves the human field of his life on the grounds that silence is a spiritual sport.

                                              And praise be to AIIah, the lord of the WorIds



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