the pastime talks in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah


  • حسناء عبد الجبار علي علي أكبر الموسوي


This research asking us to stop for a moment and ask ourselves whether the talks we made during our day is pastime talks, which promised God Almighty to him humiliating torment? , We often spend our time in conversations meaningless, and although the Koran did not mention the talk only once, but we find the place of controversy and interpretations of the explainers as well as the prevalence of the word between the public,After searching and looking, we found that there are many meanings and explanations that include every false talk that want to be mislead, challenge and ridicule the religion, and that the pastime talk is one of the most important means of the enemies of Islam since the beginning of the Islamic call to this day.

The research deals with amusement in the Hadith, which is forbidden by the Qur'an in the verse {And from the people who buy it to talk to move away from the path of God without knowledge and take them shook them those humiliating punishment) The Qur'an has been used in many verses to denote the rejection through truth and seriously ,As for the amusement in hadeeth, it came once in the Qur'aan, the first interpreted by several interpretations based on the narratives contained in the interpretation of the verse of that song and the legends of Persians and the Alexandra, But at the end, they swore at the whole verse and promised that the hadeeth included all the false talk that calls for misguidance and its purpose is the character of the Muslim nation, The general framework of the verse moves in a wider range, and the Qur'an is a speech for all ages and times, Therefore, the Qur'an warned against this phenomenon and promised it with painful and painful punishment. This is clear to us through the interpreters of the Qur'anic verse. This is what we are asking for in this research, which included three demands, an introduction and an end.

The first demand / entertainment and talk in the language and the Koranic terminology

The second requirement / The reason for the descent of the verse and its interpretation by the interpreters

The third demand / is an object of modernity and punishment



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