he education among Geography-department students


  • Lecturer / Raheem Kadhim Baidi


The current research aims to  know the reasons  of  education deterioration among students  of geography department .  In order to  fulfil this goal ,  the researcher has used  descriptive method  for this purpose. The research 's society  includes  all geography-department students  , morning  study ,    Basic education  university college, al-Mustansiriyah for the academic year 2018-2019  The researcher has  prepared  a questionnaire as a tool for  his research , and that  being proved for  its reliability and  its consistency  and thus became  consisting of 40 items.

The researcher has used  statistic  means  including   mathematic  Mean,  standard diversion ,  T-test  for two independent samples.

The researcher has reached  to a set of  results including  the 2nd  axis  has got the first rank with high degree  and that is concerned with the lecturer, while the  axis of social ,  economic  environment  of  the educated 's families  has got  the final rank  with high degree.

 After using  the T-test for  two independent  samples  to know the  statistic  differences  at the  level 0.05 among  the questionnaire  in respect to  the sex variable , the results have indicated that there are  statistically  differences at the level 0.05  for the benefit of males  in the 1st and 3rd  axis  , while  the 4th one , there are no statistic  differences  at the level 0.05 . In respect to the  variable  study stage , the results have indicated  that there are  statistically differences  at the level 0.05  for the favour of  2nd stage  in all axes/.

The research has reached  to a set of recommendations including  having the lecturer  use  educational  activities  and study methods  working on increasing  the students ' motivation toward  the study.

The researcher has suggested   to make  another study similar to the current one  as to know  the lecturers' viewpoints to know reasons of   the  deterioration of geography-department students in the  learning.



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