Investigation of Some Properties for Cu Al2O3


  • L.A.Zainab Kassim Hassan


The aim of this work is the development of Cu-Al2O3 composites of copper matrix composite materials reinforced by (0.5-5-10-20)%Wt of Al2O3 particles that based on a fine dispersion rout of composites materials and study of some physical properties. This article is revealing the effect of weight percentage, sintering temperature on the microstructure and physical properties. The alumina used as a reinforcement particle in cupper metal matrix composite by powder metallurgy route to produce insulating material combine with high micro hardness. Composite samples were prepared based on (> 0.063μm) Al2O3 reinforcement. The matrix and reinforcement materials were mixed. The sample were cold pressed at 5 ton and sintered at (400,500,600,700,800 )̊ C for 2 hours. This search will discuss the thermal, electrical conductivity and Vickers micro-hardness value of the composites In this report the effect. of both grain size and the amount of Al2O3 particles on .strengthening, thermal.stability and.electrical
conductivity .for copper-based .composites was studied. The results were show that the thermal conductivity will be decreasing gradually with increasing both of fine alumina amount and sintering temperature, the electrical conductivity will be decreasing with increasing in weight percentage of Alumina and in sintering temperature. The Vickers micro-hardness value of composite samples will increasing with the increasing of weight percentage.
Keywords: Alumina particle, Cupper powder, ceramic particles reinforcement, powder metallurgy.




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