Mammogram Images enhancement Using Fuzzy Histogram Equalization Technique


  • Amel H. Abbas
  • Layla Hussain
  • Asmaa Sadiq


The most common cause of death in women produced from breast cancer. Now days, the main challenge in the breast cancer detection image is low contrast and poor quality therefore, enhancement the breast cancer is required. Digital mammography breast masses images can be improved using the technique of fuzzy histogram equalization. Comport to the well-known histogram equalization enhancement technique (Classical Histogram Equalization (CHE) and Adaptive Histogram Equalization (AHE).
Fuzzy histogram equalization is based techniques which pay more attention because of its performance and the contrast of the image is adjusted contrast approaches enhancement. The proposed Analyses will help the doctors to improve the diagnosis of the disease to detected cancer cells and the comparative output images using quality assessment include (MSR, PSNR, RMSE, and UQI). The software tool that has been used is MATLAB 7.0 to evaluate the performance of the algorithm, many images containing masses of mammogram image were taken from Baghdad Madina Al-tab and Kirkuk hospital but display only three. From the results we that found fuzzy histogram equalization algorithm better perform than the others histogram equalization and are important with extract features from biologic images.
Keywords: Enhancement, Histogram Equalization, mammography image, Fuzzy image enhancement, Breast cancer image quality.




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