Effect of gamma rays on some physics Properties of Fe2O3:AL


  • Prof. Khudheir A.Mishjil
  • Huda N.Abed


optical properties thin films Fe2O3: AL, chemical sprays pyrolysis, direct allowed transition.


In this research study the effect of gamma rays on some physics properties of Fe2O3 :AL Thin films that prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis, that have been deposited on glass substrate temperature heated at (400°c) .And used gmma rays isotopes (CS137) with energy (616,61 KeV).X-ray diffraction pattern shows that all the prepared samples polycrystalline structure. The spectral absorbance and transmittance within the range of wavelengths (400 - 900) nm.
Calculated the optical energy gap for direct allowed transitions the optical constant was calculated which represented by the observation coefficient, reflectance, and extinction coefficient, refractive index and real and imaginary parts of dielectric constant.



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