Synthesis of nanorod ZnO-In2O3 as instant response UV photoconductor


  • Raad S. Sabry


ZnO nanorods were prepared by hydrothermal method and In2O3 nanoparticals prepared by sol-gel method were mixed with ZnO nanorods by weight (90%ZnO+10%In2O3) and (80%ZnO+20%In2O3).ZnO and ZnO - In2O3 thick films have been prepared by screen printing and firing at 550˚C for 3hours. All the prepared samples were characterized by field emission scanning microscope (FESEM) ,the results showed that ZnO nanorods was covered by In2O3 nanoparticals and the covering was increased with In2O3 percentage increased , X-Ray diffraction (XRD) result shows that the crystallite size of ZnO nanorods ware about (68.1 nm ) also crystallite size decreased when In2O3 weight increasing , From photoluminescence (PL) results it was observed that blue shift was happened when In2O3 was added , photoconducting measurement were showed blue shift and response time in the UV range was increase with increasing In2O3 nanoparticals .




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