Performance Improvement of Ground Source Heat Pump System Using Matrix Heat Exchangers


  • Alaa H. Shneishil


Ground Source Heat Pump System, Matrix Heat Exchangers


The aim of this work is to investigate experimentally the performance improvement of ground source heat pump system (GSHP) by using Matrix Heat Exchangers (HEXs). The experiment is done using one, two in parallel and two in series HEXs. The performance of GSHP with these three cases of HEXs has been investigated by measuring the consumption current, suction pressure and discharge pressure under the influence of fluid mass flow rate, inlet fluid temperature and time of operation. The results show that the system performance is improved when GSHP with series HEXs is used instead of one and two in parallel HEXs and there is also a reduction in consumption current at all load conditions. The consumption current increases with increasing inlet fluid temperature and decreases with increase fluid mass flow rate. Thus for one HEX case when fluid mass flow rate 6.5 L/ min the consumption current various from 10 A for inlet fluid temperature 12 oC to 13.7 A for inlet fluid temperature 40 oC. On the other hand, In the case of parallel HEX the consumption current is about 12 A, while it is about 11.5 A for series HEX connection.




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