Structural properties of SnO₂ films dopped by Lithium


  • Assistant Prof. Dr. Majid Hamid
  • Salam Jumah Mashkoor

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(Sn????2:????????( , Structural properties , Chemical Spray Pyrolysis


This paper the undoped Tin Oxide( SnO₂) and Lithium doped( SnO₂:Li) were prepared with doping percentage (5%) for the Molartiy (0.05, 0.1 , 0.15 , 0.2 ) ,were prepared by using chemical Spray pyrolysis technique (CSP) . Have been deposited on a glass substrate temperature at (400℃) , And the thickness of the prepared films were (350∓15) nm . By the X-Ray diffraction technique the nature of structure was exmined with aprefered orientation along (110) . It was found that . The prepared undoped ( SnO₂) and indoped( SnO₂) have a (Tetragonal) polycrystalline structure . Also it was found that the average crystalline size increase as the increase in doping of the concentration(9.20 – 21.86) nm . AFM images the average grain size increase of the Molarity (73.60 -106.16)nm.




كيفية الاقتباس

Hamid, A. P. D. M. ., & Mashkoor, S. J. . (2020). Structural properties of SnO₂ films dopped by Lithium. مجلة المستنصرية للعلوم والتربية, 18(5), 85–100. استرجع في من



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