Remotely Radiation Induced Absorption Dosimeter based on optical fibers


  • Wasmaa A. jabbar
  • Shehab A. Kadhim
  • Abdulkareem H. Dagher
  • Aseel I. Mahmood
  • Nahla A. Aljaber


Radiation dosimetry, alpha particles and beta, Gamma radiation, OFS


To monitoring in the high-radiation environments it can  use optical fiber sensors due to it contains many advantages compared with traditional electronic sensors. This paper proposed design consideration of remotely absorbed dosimeter based on radiation induced absorption based on optical fiber characteristics. The fundamental of absorbed dose calorimetry methods to dosimetry technique, which provide an absolute measure of the energy transfer to matter, was implemented in the present work.  The irradiation effects on various optical fibers within 5 cm active lengths were determined. Results show that the relative sensitivity variation for  532nm wavelength source according to shift in such wave length and as a function to dose of radiation which related to temperature. The ratio of the power distribution between the core and clad of fiber selected to be a sensitive function of the refractive index difference, which depends on the temperature. Where the temperature changes cause changes in the transmission of the fiber when cladding is made lossy. The assessment of results illustrates the performance analysis in case of using optical fibers made from silica in radiation dosimetry and monitoring.The attenuation peak wavelengths will shift to shorter wavelengths




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A. jabbar, W. . . . . . ., A. Kadhim, S. ., H. Dagher, A. ., I. Mahmood, A. ., & A. Aljaber, N. . . (2019). Remotely Radiation Induced Absorption Dosimeter based on optical fibers . Mustansiriyah Journal for Sciences and Education, 20(5), 149-156. Retrieved from



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