Environmental relevance of agricultural land in the Thar Thar area


  • Nadia Abdel Hassan Mohaibes


Environmental suitability, Wadi Tharthar basin, digital elevation, maps matching


The study area (Wadi Tharthar basin) is located  between two galleries  (34:23:35 and 36:30:30) to the north, and a long (41: 35:17and 43:26:18) east. The problem of the study lies in the absence of a detailed study to determine whether the area is located in negative or positive environmental conditions that help the existence of agricultural land and what kind of land. The study assumed that the environment  of:

the study area made it an area of ​​different types Of agricultural land, where geographic information systems (Arcgis, 10.3) were used in data analysis, relying on maps (elevation, grid The area of ​​the study, divided into three types of land, an excellent type of grazing and forests in the first stage occupies the largest area extending from north to south and from east to west Except for part of the north-east and south-east of the area occupied by the second type, the average quality of agriculture, the latter type is not suitable for any agricultural production is scattered in the western parts of the study area, and therefore must be taken measures that will work to exploit these areas Wass Of agricultural purposes.



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