Building Colour Effects on the Ambient Temperature


  • Asraa.Hadi
  • Baha'a A.M.Al-Hilli
  • Asmaa.Hassan Moslim


In this research we study the effect of colours buildings on the amount of
absorption and reflection of solar radiation that incident upon it and thus its
impact on the rising ambient temperatures, we has been taking several tiles as
a symbols for building material buildings, were painted with several colours
refer to colour buildings and measure a power of solar radiation that falling on
the tiles and temperatures that emitted from the tiles with the time ,The tiles
were most colours darkness it be highest in temperature according to a mount
of absorbed solar radiation.




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Asraa.Hadi, Baha’a A.M.Al-Hilli, & Asmaa.Hassan Moslim. (2020). Building Colour Effects on the Ambient Temperature. Mustansiriyah Journal for Sciences and Education, 17(5), 263-270. Retrieved from



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