Great gods in ancient Iraq


  • ketam Adnan Ali


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The religious has the first position in ancient civilization of Iraq because its
impact ar d penetration in every side of sciences and arts in different of nature
that referred to had an important role in the old mans life.
The picture which was printed by old Iraqis of their Gods in their
meetingsDiscussions and making decisions , reflects reality in their life. They looked at them as an impressive, appreciations and hope to achieve their
wishes , while they seek for pleasing them and afraid anger as an ideal to
organize their life, world and work , they resembles human in all features as
eat , drink and marriage but have a strong , ability and immorality features.
Anyone was going to pray before them, presented gifts and mentioned close
names to intercede on behalf of him to other Gods and protect him from evils
and evil spirits.
In the highlight of AL ANO God, Great gods in ancient Iraq is AL-SAMA
God and his main features is kingship as a great goddess and chairman of the
great gods Board. The name of ALANO God and his important religious
symbols of cylindrical closing scenes in addition to his role in Gods board,
epics , legends , lamentations some cities of Sumer and AKKad and the most
important religious temples devoted to worship .



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